Creative Writing with Eileen Casey 

Eileen Casey is a Hennessy Award winning writer and a recipient of a Katherine Kavanagh Poetry Fellowship.

In a relaxed, informal atmosphere, the nuts and bolts of writing various forms will be explored and learn how imaginative creative play is so necessary to the process.

Date: Thursday, 26 September 2013
Venue: Old Bawn Community School
Time: 7.30pm – 9.30pm
Cost: €105


“Three Voices / Three Forms” on Wednesday, 14th November at the Civic Theatre, Tallaght as part of the Red Line Book Festival 2012:

Eileen Casey

Three Voices/Three Forms is a unique opportunity to meet three talented literary voices from South County Dublin for an informal evening at the Loose End Studio.  Each writer will discuss their particular writing form and read a brief extract from their latest works – Eileen Casey  ‘Snow Shoes’ (short story collection) Colm Keegan, ‘Don’t Go there (poetry collection) and Louise Phillips ‘Red Ribbons’ (psychological thriller).

“In 2002, I read some of my poems with Rita Ann Higgins on the inaugural Readers Day programme, an event called ‘Like Wine Through Water’.  It’s a pleasure and a privilege to read on The Redline Book Festival also and with writers I have great respect for.  Back in 2002, in an interview with The Tallaght Echo, I said that reading and writing make for a great marriage.  This is still the case and it’s especially lovely for a writer to read to a ‘live’ audience.  It gives the work a different acoustic.

Since 2002 I’ve kept writing and publishing, it’s as natural as breathing to me now.  I also facilitate creative writing workshops and it’s wonderful to see new writers coming through each year. South Dublin has a particularly vibrant arts community.  We might be in economic recession but the imaginative treasury is still solid.” – Eileen Casey

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